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Here at Allard Construction, we recognise that our industry is one of the most dangerous industries in the UK; due to its very nature it creates a high-risk working environment.

The consequences of injury or ill-health can affect not only those involved, but also have potentially life-changing effects on their friends, family and society in general.

We have a duty to take reasonable care of our people, their actions and their potential consequences and we take this duty very seriously. It is our ongoing aim to ensure that each and every person goes home safe every day and that our activities in no way deprive any person from a long, healthy life.

Our clients are reassured that our costs allow for the provision of adequate resources to support our positive health and safety culture; therefore, reducing the legal and financial risks within our supply chain.

Our team of certified, competent Health & Safety professionals continually monitor our operations to ensure that we conform to all relevant legislative requirements and demonstrate commitment to our safety culture through recognised industry best practice.

We provide health and safety information, guidance and support to our operational workforce to identify, reduce and eliminate hazards or risk.

We maintain open two-way communications across all levels within our organisation and regularly consult with our workforce. We act on any concerns raised by our workforce regarding health and safety and use these channels to increase awareness of health and safety issues relevant to the scope or type of each project.

We regularly monitor and report on our health and safety performance in order to recognise and share in our successes or identify areas for improvement.

Each year, we are rigorously audited by a number of professional third-party accreditation bodies in order to provide additional assurance to our supply chain of our commitment to health and safety.

Our commitment to the provision of safe and healthy working conditions is reflected within our labour supply chain as we take a zero-tolerance approach to wilful breaches of health and safety requirements.

In addition, we also employ competent designers, who offer solutions to reduce the health or safety risks to contractors, clients or end users associated with our work.

Our approach to health and safety is regularly reviewed by our senior management team in order to ensure that it is effective in relation to our work.

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